In-swing threshold

Product Description and Installation

Most residential doorways swing into the interior living space from the outside. In-swinging doors are also the most challenging to weatherstrip and most vulnerable to the elements.

The in-swing extruded aluminium threshold, designed by Henry Hoelscher, is the best product to protect your home’s interior from the elements. The self draining water tray, combined with proper installation, make up the key elements in weatherproofing an in-swinging doorway.

In the event that water should get to the water tray it will drain out through the weep holes in the center caulking leg and out the weep holes (slots) at the front of the threshold.

The threshold is anchored with screws (provided) to wood surfaces or with additional plastic anchors (also provided) to be used on concrete slab installation. A hammer drill will be needed to drill holes for screws and anchors in concrete slabs.We suggest and sell butyl rubber caulking to be used to seal the center caulking leg and the threshold at each end to the door frame.

There is no other threshold system as versatile or capable of being altered to specific needs as the Hoelscher in-swing extruded aluminium threshold system. It is available in four heights as shown in the photo below.

If you’ve ever opened a door and had the bottom of the door drag across the floor surface, whether it’s a hard surface or carpeted, you will appreciate the variety of threshold heights shown in the photo above. When you’re dealing with varying floor heights or an unex-pectedly large space between the bottom of the door and the slab, we have the threshold for the job. You don’t have to accept the limi-tations of other threshold designs that don’t meet your installation requirements.

The Hoelscher extruded aluminium threshold for in-swing doors has an additional feature that provides an extra measure of protection from the elements. The interior water tray and weep-hole system will channel water that may occasionally pass between the door bot-tom seal and threshold table (or top surface) away from your home’s interior and back outside to drain away or evaporate. The inside (or back) leg of the threshold can be trimmed to fit neatly on top of ce-ramic tile or wood flooring while not compromising the effectiveness of the water tray.


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