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Top Mount Strap Kit

Stock Number
BD101K-07800-MB Matte Black
BD101K-07800-SS Stainless

Straight Strap Kit

Stock Number
BD100K-07800-MB Matte Black
BD100K-07800-SS Stainless

Bent Strap Kit

Stock Number
BD102K-07800-MB Matte Black
BD102K-07800-SS Stainless

Single Bypass Bracket Kit

Stock Number
BD670-07800-MB 78” M. Black BD670-07800-SS 78” Stainless BD670-09600-MB 96” M. Black BD670-09600-SS 96” Stainless

Handle Kit 2-3/8” x 7”

Stock Number
BDH001-MB Matte Black

Handle Kit 7/16” x 8”

Stock Number
BDSH001-SS Stainless

Handle Kit 1” x 6-7/16”

Stock Number
BD450-MB Matte Black
BD450-SS Stainless

Flush Pull Kit 2” x 6-1/2”

Stock Number
BD460-MB Matte Black
BD460-SS Stainless

Easy Clip Soft Close Kit

Stock Number Weight Range
BDF960-2040 44 – 88 lbs.
BDF960-4060 88 -132 lbs.
Matte Black

Privacy Latch Kit

Stock Number
BD250-MB Matte Black
BD250-SS Stainless

Single Floor Guide Kit

Stock Number

Stainless Steel
Matte Black


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